Top 10 BMW Electric Cars In 2023

The Germans are known for making some of the most gorgeous cars with their high-build design, lavish interior, and thrilling driving experience. Thanks to the ongoing electrification in the auto industry, carmakers are pouring millions into making some of the best electric cars. BMW is one such automaker from the land of the gearheads building some of the most stunning EVs with the best driving experience and premium interiors. These cars feature a futuristic modern design and a lavish cabin that offers the best tech and offers thrilling performance. These are the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

10. BMW i3 – $44,450


This BMW i3 is among the most incredible electric cars anybody could buy. The i3 electric hatch features a stunning design and sports a modern interior loaded with tech and comfort. The electric hatch comes with an electric motor that makes 170 hp of power with rear-wheel drive. The BMW i3 offers an impressive ride with deliberate torque delivery and amazing acceleration. The car’s comfortable and effortless ride makes it among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

9. BMW i4 – $51,400


The 2023 BMW i4 features a cool-looking design and offers the best electrifying performance packed in a four-door body style. The i4 offers a sense of great appeal enhanced by its all-electric power that keeps the thrill alive. The EV’s base model comes with a single motor that makes 281 hp and the top-spec M50 model offers two electric motors making 536 hp. The EV offers DC Fast Charging support and provides a range of 301 miles per charge. The BMW i4 offers rocket-like acceleration from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and offers a spirited driving thrill and is among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

8. BMW 3-Series EV – $55,000


BMW is developing its future electric cars and its upcoming lineup will use the company’s Neue Klasse platform. The 2024 BMW 3-Series electric will be the first electric car in the lineup to use BMW’s New platform. The architecture is still under development and is due for completion in a couple of years. The company’s main focus for this new platform will be the midsize luxury segment which CEO Oliver Zipse believes will dominate. The 3-Series EV will pack a single and dual motor setup making over 300 hp of power and will offer a range of over 250 miles per charge. The 3-Series electric will offer deliberate acceleration and is among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

7. BMW i5 – $64,000


The upcoming 2024 BMW 5-Series may be the company’s second electric car to join the lineup after the 3-Series EV. The forthcoming 5-Series EV will offer a single or dual motor setup making over 400 hp of power with rear or all-wheel drive. The 5-Series electric sedan will offer a luxurious cabin loaded with cutting-edge tech and several driver assistance features. The 5-Series will deliver a thrilling performance with immense comfort and is among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

6. BMW iX5 – $65,000


BMW revealed their iX5 Hydrogen Concept back in 2022, after the revealing the Bavarian is working on a new fuel-type technology for making carbon-efficient cars. BMW has begun the production of fuel cells in its Munich plant and according to the company’s executives, the upcoming Hybrdogen Concept will come into mass production. The 2024 iX5 uses the hydrogen fuel cell system confluence by its high-output battery. The EV will enhance the brand’s lineup in addition to a new system that will make BMW’s premium segment unique and is among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

5. BMW iX – $85,095


The 2023 BMW iX features a futuristic and stunning design and offers supreme performance and a sporty drive. The iX packs two electric motors that produce 610 hp of power with standard all-wheel drive. The electric SUV provides one of the best driving thrills with superior performance, precise steering, and playful handling. The iX offers a spacious cabin fitted with rich materials and advanced technology. Packed with a magnificent drive and pleasantly comfortable seating, the iX is among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

4. BMW i7 – $119,300


The 2023 BMW i7 features a gorgeous design, and a luxurious cabin loaded with tech and delivers a magnificent driving experience. The electric 7-Series comes with two electric motors that make 536 hp with standard all-wheel drive. The i7 offers a spacious comfortable interior equipped with cutting-edge technology and large cargo space. The BMW i7 with its futuristic design and ultra-rich ride offers an impressive range and a luxury driving experience making it among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

3. BMW XM Electric – $170,000

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After the launch of the 2023 BMW XM, BMW is working on the electrified version of the SUV that may come in early 2024. The BMW XM will be based on the XM PHEV and will offer a supreme design and a lavish high-tech cabin. The XM will offer two or three electric motors making over 800 hp of power with standard all-wheel drive. The XM electric SUV will offer thrilling driving with insane acceleration and over 160 mph of top speed. The SUV will be able to deliver a range of over 300 miles and is among the top 10 BMW electric cars in 2023.

2. BMW i8 M – $180,000

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The upcoming 2024 BMW i8 M is here, and even though the current i8 isn’t something that lived up to the sporting intentions of BMW. When the brand had thought of sporting, that didn’t put the German luxury brand off of high-dollar hybrid sports cars. The development of the next i8 has been started, and we’re calling it the i8 M. Considering this would represent a significant performance bump over the previous-gen model. The 2024 i8 M concept, promises notable improvements with more appealing looks, an increment in power, all-electric powertrain.

1. BMW M EV – $190,000


The 2024 BMW M EV will be the company’s flagship electric sports car that will offer insane performance with supreme design. The M electric will come with a quad motor setup making over 1,000 horsepower with standard all-wheel drive. The electric sports car will offer an acceleration from 0-60 mph in under two seconds and will offer a top speed of over 180 mph. The BMW M Electric will offer a unique driving experience with insane performance and deliberate precise steering.

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