Hollywood Celebrities Who Own Tesla In 2023

Owning a Tesla has been more popular than before due to its all-electric powertrain and cool design. Hollywood celebrities, like all people, like to own a Tesla because of its awesome design and insane performance. Teslas offer a sleek and luxurious design with a minimal cabin and offer an incredible driving thrill. The car provides instant torque delivery and over 1,020 hp of power and can accelerate from 0-60 in just under 2.0 seconds. These electric cars offer a thrilling ride and absurd performance packed with precise steering feedback and playful handling. From stars like Chris Evans and Justin Bieber to Will.I.Am and Jim Carrey, these are the popular Hollywood celebrities who own Tesla in 2023.

1. Ben Affleck

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Ben is a filmmaker, screenwriter, philanthropist, and two-time Academy Award-winning actor. Affleck is known for his famous roles such as Batman, in many popular films. With a salary of over $15 million, Affleck has a net worth of over $150 million. Apart from his crazy Bentleys and Maybach’s, Ben Affleck owns a Tesla Model S in his amazing car collection. He is among the popular Hollywood celebrities who own Tesla with pride and are often seen driving on the streets.

2. Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is undoubtedly among the biggest stars in both Hollywood and the music industry with his talent. Justin rose to prominence with popular songs such as Baby, One Time, and One Less Lonely Girl and is known for almost all chart-topping songs in the industry. The no.1 biggest artist of all time is among the most popular Hollywood celebrities who own Tesla. JB has a net worth of a crazy $250 million and has an insane garage that includes some of the craziest cars in the world.

3. Blake Lively

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Blake Lively (born August 25, 1987) is an American actress and the wife of popular Hollywood celebrity Ryan Reynolds. Blake made her professional debut in his father’s directed movie Sandman (1998). She started picking up the pace of her career and starred in both The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) and its sequel movie too which led to commercial success. Lively gained global recognition when she was cast as Serena van der Woodsen in the CW drama television series Gossip Girl (2007–2012) which led to a huge success. Blake drives a Tesla Model S and also has a Cadillac, and a Mini in her amazing car collection.

4. Jeremy Renner

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Jeremy Renner is yet another name in some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities list with his Marvel Cinematic Universe films. From films like S.W.A.T and The Hurt Locker, Renner is known for some of the most important movies in Hollywood. It includes Hansel & Gretel, Mission Impossible, and of course all the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two-time Acadamy Award-winning actor has never failed to impress us with his immense and true performance on screen. The best part is that his garage is also as amazing that includes cars like the Tesla Model S, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Range Rover.

5. Will.I.Am


William James Adams Jr. (born March 15, 1975), also known as Will.I.Am, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and singer. He is the lead artist in the popular music group Black-Eyed Peas. The rapper has released over 4 albums, one of his career’s best-selling albums. The 7-time Grammy winner has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry as a record producer. Will.I.Am earns more than $5 million annually and has made a fortune of $75 million adding to his net worth. Talking about his cars, Will.I.Am is a big-time motorhead and has some custom-made Teslas and other vehicles in his garage.

6. Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey is one of the biggest and most iconic names in the Hollywood industry. He is popular for his accurate comic timing and phenomenal performance on the silver screen. The Canadian-American actor has won many awards such as a Grammy Award, BAFTA Award, and many Golden Globe awards. The Truman Show, Yes Man, Kick-Ass 2, Dumb & Dumber To, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and Sonic The Hedgehog are to name a few which are one of the most popular movies worldwide. Jim has a net worth of $180 million and a garage filled with cars from Mercedes, Tesla, and Porsche.

7. Chris Evans


Popular actor Chris Evans is known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies. Born on June 13th, 1981, the 41-year-old actor is known for his charming looks, charismatic personality, and unique car collection. Chris started his acting career with the 2000 television series Opposite Sex. Evans is known for popular films such as the Fantastic Four franchise, TMNT, Snowpiercer, Captain America, and Avengers franchise. Evans drives a Tesla Model S and has some cool cars in his garage.

8. Michelle Rodriguez


Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez is undoubtedly among the most popular Hollywood celebrities in the world. She started her career in the 2000s with the film Girlfight. Rodriguez is also the name behind some of the biggest movies of all time such as James Cameron’s Avatar and the Fast franchise. Michelle has a net worth of over $30 million and has some cool cars in her garage such as a Tesla Model S.

9. Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana fame Miley Cyrus is the name behind some of the most popular music videos of all time. Miley is an actor, singer, and songwriter. She has an estimated net worth of around $160 million and some pretty cool cars inside her amazing car collection. Moreso, she drives a Tesla Model S in her garage apart from the Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Range-Rover, and Maserati. Miley is among the popular Hollywood celebrities who own Tesla.

10. Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz is a famous American actress known for her numerous roles in films from different genres such as comedy, animation, and romance. Diaz is a three-time Screen Actors Guild Award and a British Academy Film Award winner. Cameron is among the highest-paid actresses and has a net worth of over $140 million. Diaz owns several expensive cars in her collection such as a Porsche, an Aston Martin, etc, and is among the famous Hollywood celebrities who own Tesla.

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