Volvo Reports Record Plug-In Car Sales In December 2022

Volvo Cars reported record plug-in car sales of over 72,663 cars in December. The sales in the last month of 2022 were 13% more than the year before that. Volvo sold 615,121 cars in 2022, less than in 2021 due to global supply chain issues and Covid lockdowns. The company sees good numbers in terms of sales in 2023 which looks promising. Apart from the global sales in December, Volvo sold 31,826 cars that were plug-in hybrids which is 44% of the total volume. Compared to the previous year, we’re happy to see the monthly record of PHEV sales contributing to the total number of sales.

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Volvo has promised great results with the increasing year-on-year electric car sales. It is a good sign for a carmaker wanted to achieve carbon-neutral goals before 2030. The PHEV segment reported a slight decrease of 10% year-over-year growth. Volvo sold a total of 76,777 electric cars which include 34,380 BEV sales and 42,397 PHEV sales. The company sold a total of 205,000 electric cars in 2022 (over 190,000 in 2021) which is a third of the total car sales in the year. Volvo’s new electric lineup includes two new all-electric cars, Volvo XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge. The company sold a record 9,308 XC40 models and 5,280 C40 models globally.

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Volvo’s Car Sales In Regions:


Volvo reported a total of 22,661 car sales in December and over 135,714 cars in 2022 in Europe. In the US, the company sold over 3,202 cars (1,132 BEVs & 2,070 PHEVs) and a total of 27,909 in 2022. The car sales increased by 8% in December and over 22% in 2022. In China, electric car sales increased by 1,933 in December and over 12,215 of the total in 2022. Volvo projects more increment in the sales of all-electric models over plug-in hybrid models.

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