Top 10 Indian Electric Cars You Can Buy In 2023

Indian cars are known for their modern design, durable body, decent performance, and good driving thrill. Thanks to the ongoing electrification in the industry, many Indian automakers are doing incredibly well with their upcoming lineup of electric cars. These EVs offer a sleek design, feature-rich spacious cabin with loads of modern features, and offer impressive driving. Many Indian automakers are building some of the best electric cars offering the latest tech and impressive driving and long driving range. Here are the top 10 Indian electric cars you can buy in 2023.

10. Mahindra eKUV100 – Rs. 8.25 Lakh


Mahindra will soon launch the eKUV electric hatchback in the Indian markets. The upcoming Mahindra eKUV100 will be the company’s entry-level electric car that will come at an affordable price. We expect the upcoming Mahindra SUV to come with a single electric motor with over 250 km range and offer fast charging support. When it comes out, the Mahindra eKUV will directly compete with the Tata Punch EV and Tiago EV.

9. Tata Tiago EV – 8.49 Lakh


Tata Motors shook the industry after launching their Tata Tiago EV into the Indian markets. The 2023 Tata Tiago EV features a sleek design, a decent cabin fitted with decently comfortable seats, and a decent budget drive. The EV offers a single electric motor with over 61 horsepower and 110 Newton Meters of torque. The Tiago EV packs a 24-kWh battery pack that delivers over 315 Km of electric driving range. The EV offers good drive and provides a range of 110 Km in 30 minutes with its fast charging support and is among the top 10 Indian electric cars you can buy in 2023.

8. Maruti WagonR Electric – Rs. 10.99 Lakh


Maruti Suzuki is also in line to compete in the electric car segment with their lineup. The upcoming Suzuki WagorR EV will offer a sleek design and offer excellent driving performance. The electric hatch will pack a single electric motor design that will make 50 kW of power and offer a smooth ride quality. The Wagon R EV will offer a feature-rich interior fitted with comfortable seating and advanced tech. The EV will offer a big battery and a range of over 250 Km on a single charge and is among the top 10 Indian electric cars you can buy in 2023.

7. Tata Tigor EV – Rs. 12.49 Lakh

Tata Motors

The 2023 Tata Tigor EV features a modern-looking exterior and packs a spacious cabin offering a comfortable drive. The Tigor EV comes with a single electric motor that makes 74 bhp. The EV packs a 26 kWh battery delivering a driving range of around 315 Km on a single charge. The sedan offers a spacious cabin fitted with comfortable seating and advanced features offering almost everything you’ll need for the price. The car provides incredible safety ratings and offers the best driving range in the segment and is among the top 10 Indian electric cars you can buy in 2023.

6. Tata Altroz EV – Rs. 12.99 Lakh


Tata Motors is all set to dominate the electric segment in the Indian auto market. The upcoming Altroz EV will sit behind the Nexon EV with its all-electric powertrain and sweet performance. The Tata Altroz EV features a sleek design similar to the ICE-powered variant and will pack a feature-rich spacious interior. The Altroz electric will come with a single electric motor that will make 127 bhp and offer around 300 Km of driving range per charge.

5. Mahindra XIV400 – Rs. 15.99 Lakh


The 2023 Mahindra XUV400 EV will embark as the company’s first electric car. The XUV400 will offer an all-new electrified driving experience with sweet performance and plenty of tech features. Mahindra’s all-electric SUV will directly compete with the Tata Nexon EV and the upcoming Tata Punch EV. The EV features an appealing design with an all-electric powertrain and offers offers465 Km of driving range per charge. The EV can accelerate from 0-100 kph in under 8.3 seconds and offers a top speed of 165 km/h. The EV offers a feature-rich interior and incredible performance, making it among the top 10 Indian electric cars you can buy in 2023.

4. Tata Nexon EV – Rs. 16.49 Lakh

Tata Motors

The 2023 Tata Nexon EV Max features a sleek design and offers a deliberate performance and smooth ride. The EV features a tech-rich cabin fitted with comfortable seating and provides an effortless drive. The Tata Nexon EV comes with a single electric motor that makes 141 bhp and 250 Nm of torque. The Nexon EV Max packs a 40.5 kWh battery and delivers a range of around 470 Km. Combined with its excellent safety ratings and sweet driving performance, the Nexon EV is among the top 10 Indian electric cars you can buy in 2023.

3. Tata Curvv EV – Rs. 20 Lakh


Tata Motors showcased the all-new Tata Curvv Concept at the 2023 Auto Expo. The 2023 Tata Curvv features a gorgeous-looking design with its sharp front end and sloping roofline. The interior looks sleek and minimal and packs nicely-appointed seats fitted with advanced tech. The car’s good curb appeal makes it stand out from the crowd flaunting its fancy and charismatic design. The coupe-styled body is a fashion statement with its appealing proportions. The SUV offers a spacious cabin that offers a large cargo space but compromises in practicality. We expect the upcoming Curvv will offer a sweet performance and a long driving range. More information is yet to be announced.

2. Pravaig Defy – Rs. 39.5 Lakh


The 2024 Pravaig DEFY is a made-in-India electric SUV by the Indian startup Pravaig. The new EV features an exceptionally beautiful design with sleek curves alongside the body. The Pravaig Defy offers a gorgeous-looking front design with sleek lines with the headlights to the rear end. We can see that it resembles the Tata-owned, Land Rover’s design philosophy. The Defy features a 400 hp dual motor setup with up to 500 Km of range and can accelerate from 0-100 kph in 4.9 seconds. But keeping that aside, the new Defy looks appealing, slightly unpolished but charming if the claimed figures by the company are true.

1. Mahindra BE.09 – Rs. 45 Lakh

Shifting Gears

The upcoming 2025 Mahindra BE.09 Concept EV features a gorgeous sleek design and will offer a magnificent performance. The BE.09 will use the automaker’s latest EV platform and will come with a large battery pack. The EV will deliver a range of over 500 Km on a single charge and will support DC fast charging. The BE.09 EV will come with a single and dual electric motor setup making over 286 hp with rear or all-wheel drive.

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