Things You Need To Know About The 2025 Genesis X Convertible Concept

Genesis has made its reputation for making some of the coolest-looking luxury cars. Being a luxury subsidiary of Hyundai, Genesis competes with Lexus and Acura. Genesis is going all ballistic with their concept cars that we might think will make it to the production line. The automaker unveiled the X Concept line with X Speedium, a high-performance GT coupe, and the X Convertible which the company revealed this year. Here is the thing you need to know to get up to speed about the 2025 Genesis X Convertible Concept.

New Design


Genesis, like every other automaker, is batting on an electrified future. The new X Convertible Concept features a gorgeous and sleek-looking exterior with flowing lines throughout the car. The automaker has taken inspiration from its traditional design and thrown modern design elements. Apart from its gorgeous exterior, the 2025 Genesis X Convertible Concept offers a stunning Giwa Navy-inspired interior.


The interior is also inspired by Dancheong Orange which comes from the old Korean wooden buildings and colorings, the accent color comes from the late Joseon Dynasty. The elegant exterior features a crane white color with white and pearl particles with a contrast interior that looks luxurious. If you love convertible cars from Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, then you will love the X Convertible Concept.

Immersive Driving Experience

  • 2025-genesis-x-convertible-concept-rear-view-evtopspeed
  • 2025-genesis-x-convertible-concept-top-view-evtopspeed
  • 2025-genesis-x-convertible-concept-rear-three-quarters-evtopspeed

A brand that began making cars for businessmen perfectly demonstrates the elegance of the X Convertible. The electric convertible will offer a sedan-like experience with the joy of a convertible with its top-down four-door roof design. The brand’s effort is to make the car as driver-friendly as possible with its excellent interior elements and sporty cockpit design. The interior will feature a high-performance sound system from a South Korean sound designer. To make the driver as immersive as possible, Genesis has made has designed the interior to make the driver feel the car while driving.

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