Potential Motors Adventure 1: Specifications, Performance & Facts

RVs seem like an 80s thing for most people with their bulky design and less powerful powertrain. Canada-based company Potential Motors with their all-electric Adventure 1 Off-Road RV wants to bring retro nostalgia with modern innovation. The Canadian startup specializes in vehicle control systems for electric off-road vehicles. The new electric RV features a gorgeous-looking design and offers incredible off-roading abilities. The Potential Motors Adventure 1 will rival the competition from Ford, Jeep, and Rivian with their offerings. The company emphasizes a new category with its ton of modern features and six-figure price tag.

What’s New?

Potential Motors

The Potential Adventure 1 is an all-new all-electric RV that offers a gorgeous design and terrific off-roading capabilities. It is still a UTV with its rugged design and moderate off-roading abilities. The electric EV features a narrow interior similar to the Honda Talon, Yamaha Wolverine, Polaris General, and John Deer Gator. It carries a Ford Bronco Sport wheelbase but is 10 inches narrow compared to the Bronco Sport. But thanks to its narrow design, the Adventure 1 is perfect for deep valleys with its narrow trails. The chassis is designed and built for off-roading with 13 inches of ground clearance and a good 9.84 inches of suspension travel. Adventure 1 also gets an adaptive suspension and torque system with automatic adjusting according to the terrain.

Specifications: EV Motor, Acceleration, Top-speed & Performance

The Potential Motors Adventure 1 comes with two electric motors with four-wheel drive and an individual differential-locking system. The EV makes a hefty 604 hp of power and 737 lb-ft of torque which is more than average camper vans. The electric RV packs a 70 kW battery that supports Level 3 DC fast charging and offers over 100 miles of range per charge. Adventure 1 can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under eight seconds and offers a top speed of over 112 mph. has a 40-degree approach angle and a 45-degree departure angle with a 29-degree break-over angle. The EV off-roader gets a bulky front protection cover with a skid plate, and a front winch with front and rear recovery hooks. It supports a raised roof rack for outdoor adventure with built-in roof rack storage for spare tires, recovery boards, and more. The RV also offers a ladder at the rear wheels that acts as a ladder to the roof. The RV gets a spacious interior with a full-size bed, a slide-out kitchen, and plenty of storage space. We hope the company will offer customization options for the buyers to design their RV accordingly.


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Potential Motors Adventure 1 PricePrice (USD)
Adventure 1$136,000
Potential Motors Adventure 1 Price

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