PepsiCo Tesla Semi Shown Being Towed

Not long ago, Tesla unveiled the much-awaited Tesla Semi truck. PepsiCo and its subsidiary Frito Lay are the first ones to take the delivery of the electric truck with one being out for the hustle. Many people spotted PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi being towed and couldn’t stop themselves from sharing it on social media.

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The internet is not stopping but, nobody knows what exactly happened with the Semi truck. We do know that PepsiCo is using 36 Tesla Semi trucks for their workforce after taking the delivery. Seeing the early production models of the trucks with issues, nobody knows if the company will be issuing any official statement or something related to the issue or not. We found several images on social media of a few stranded Tesla Semis ahead of the official deliveries. According to Electrek, it is not uncommon for this to happen for a brand-new vehicle, that too, its crazy 500 miles of range seems odd. We suspect the towed Semi could be driving on low battery with no charging stations nearby.


A subreddit called r/RealTesla posted the first photos of the Tesla Semi on road. The Tesla Semi photo was from Sacramento, California near a PepsiCo location. The PepsiCo plant will use 21 Semis, and one of them may have broken down and the pickup was seen towing the Tesla truck to a different location. We will learn more about the story when new details come out soon. It will be nice to know about the Semi if it had any issues. We will update the story when more information comes out.

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